UD Scholars Program

The UD Scholars Program is an academic support service program established to provide select students with a transformational academic experience in the summer prior to their freshman year in order to prepare them for the heightened expectations of a college environment. Each summer, the UD Scholars Program welcomes 25-35 students to be a part of our community and the University of Delaware.

Students in this program are provided with high levels of support to encourage academic and personal success from the time they enter the University of Delaware until they earn their bachelor’s degree.

Services Provided

  • UD Scholars receive one-on-one guidance from the Academic Program Coordinator. During meetings throughout each semester a variety of topics related to student success are discussed. These topics include but are not limited to: setting goals, developing skills, university resources, and academic progress.
  • UD Scholars are eligible for free individual tutoring through tutoring services offered by the Office of Academic Enrichment.
  • UD Scholars have the opportunity to participate in academic workshops and social programs to foster a sense of community and belonging.
  • UD Scholars connect with peer mentors (upper division students with varied experiences) during their first year. Peer mentors assist students with getting acclimated to college life and serve as a resource.

Additional Details:

  • Incoming UD Scholars live in a Living Learning Community (LLC) during their first year on campus. This provides students with many opportunities to build relationships, form study groups, and utilize campus resources. These program benefits begin during the summer prior to enrollment and continue until graduation.
  • UD Scholars are enrolled in the University Studies Program when they begin their college careers. This means that for at least the first semester students do not have a declared major; instead, they select an interest area and are encouraged to explore the many academic options that are available at UD before declaring. Students who have a specific major in mind work closely with their academic advisor to enroll in courses that satisfy requirements for their intended majors. Students who are exploring their options will also work with their academic advisor to discover which academic path best matches their interests and skills.

Meet the UD Scholars Program Coordinator

Kelly Meacham, M.A.

Supporting students as they learn and grow throughout their years at UD is the best part of my career. Becoming a college undergraduate is a new experience and an adjustment for students and their families.  I’m here to help UD Scholars successfully navigate this new environment, connect them to resources, and provide a safe space for students to set goals, assess their progress, ask questions, problem-solve, and seek academic and personal assistance.

In addition, I  teach UNIV112: Academic Self Management and UNIV101: First Year Seminar for UD Scholars.

If you have questions feel free to contact me at Kgoldie@udel.edu.

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Meet the Director

Adrian A. McCleary, M.Ed.

As Associate Director in the Center for Academic Success and University Studies Program, I direct the academic advisement office that provides support for undeclared (UST) students at UD. Additionally, I oversee the UD Scholars Program and work closely with the Academic Program Coordinator. I have advised various student populations and provided academic support to undergraduate students for nearly 20 years. I enjoy opportunities to connect with students through individual meetings, as well as in classroom settings where I facilitate a variety of workshops and seminars. Additionally, as an administrator, I collaborate with Assistant Dean colleagues and serve on a number of committees through which initiatives and academic policies that impact UD students are reviewed and enacted. I am incredibly passionate about building strong connections with students and enjoy advocating for their needs.

I can be reached via email at mccleary@udel.edu.