Academic Planning

As part of the maturation process, you should develop and follow an academic plan. It’s important to understand that it’s unrealistic to expect the right major to fall into your lap; you must be proactive and make a commitment to the major exploration process. As a UST student, you are encouraged to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that will assist you in uncovering your interests, and ultimately determining your major. You are invited to meet with your academic advisor to set up an individual academic plan for your college career.

Topics include:

  • Personal reflection and assessment
  • Short-term and long-term goal setting
  • Ways to enhance the college experience through discovery learning opportunities such as study abroad, undergraduate research, service learning, and internships

While each student progresses at a different pace, you are expected to declare a major by the time you’ve achieved 60 credits (end of sophomore year).

While academic plans vary, you may choose to use this Academic Plan as a guide to assist you in the successful completion of your academic goals.

Pre-Registration Advising

Prior to meeting with your Academic Advisor to discuss courses and your plans for the upcoming semester, please complete the appropriate Academic Planning Guide below and bring it with you to your advisement appointment:

Academic Planning Guide First Year

Academic Planning Guide Upperclassmen