Choosing Your Major

A declared major is necessary in order to graduate with a bachelor’s degree.  The process of deciding on a major can be both exciting and intimidating.  Often, students may not be certain how to begin exploring their options or they may feel anxious about making the “wrong” choice. The online Choosing and Declaring a Major workshop is a great place to start!  You may also want to take a Strong Interest Inventory test through the Career Services Center or the Center for Counseling and Student Development.

The University Studies Program applies a holistic approach to advising and utilizes the following equation to support students as they move forward on their academic path.

Self + Education + Experience = (Major/Career/Academic) Success


UST students are urged to evaluate themselves and the world around them.  You should begin to review your skills, values, and interests in relation to majors and potential career choices.


The University of Delaware recognizes that education occurs both in and out of the classroom. In support of this commitment to student learning, the UST staff emphasize to how educational opportunities such as undergraduate research, service learning, and study abroad all can play a part in overall academic success and major selection.


You will be encouraged to actively seek methods of gaining experience in potential career fields.  Many students will choose to do one or more internships or work directly with a faculty member on an independent study project.  Other students may choose to gain experience through Registered Student Organizations such as Engineers Without Borders UD.  The UST staff also works with the Career Services Center to provide students with access to the Alumni Mentoring Network and other career related services.

For information on specific majors, see the Major Finder.

For information on how to declare a major, click here.