Academic Support

As part of its commitment to advising students, University Studies advisors work with students who are in the academic probation process to determine an individualized plan of action that will restore and help them maintain a 2.0 or higher G.P.A.  Find out what it means to be on academic probation here.

Students in the academic probation process should follow the guidelines below which are designed to aid them in achieving academic success.

  • Set up a meeting with your advisor.
    • Students in the probation process must take fewer than 15 credits so you may need to adjust your schedule with your advisor.
  • Complete the Academic Self-Evaluation Form before your meeting and be ready to develop an academic success plan with your advisor.
  • Consider enrolling in UNIV 113: Study Skills.
    • This 1-credit, Pass/Fail course can assist you in developing more effective study strategies.
  • Prior to the next registration period, a “Registration Hold” will be on your record. To register, you must meet with your assigned academic advisor who will then release the registration hold. This is to ensure that you receive advisement throughout the probation process.
  • Check the Resources for Students page for help with specific issues.