Individualized Academic Advising

As a student in the UST Program, you will be assigned a professional academic advisor who will work with you until you declare a major. You are encouraged to meet with your advisor throughout the semester for academic planning, major guidance and for course selection during registration. Advising appointments can cover topics such as:  how to research majors, where to look for organizations, how to deal with a difficult roommate and everything in between. You can choose the level of involvement you want to have with your academic advisor. Some students see their advisor on an ongoing basis and check in regularly while others prefer to meet with their advisor only with specific academic questions. We recommend that you connect with your advisor at least once each semester to discuss courses for the upcoming semester.

We offer a variety of ways to obtain advisement throughout the year including e-mail, drop-in hours and by appointment.

E-mail Advisement: For general inquiries, feel free to review the FAQs on our website or e-mail us at

Drop-In Advisement:  Please email your advisor or email 

Advising Appointments: If your questions are a bit more specific and you would like to be certain you have plenty of time to discuss them, you should schedule an appointment online with your Advisor using the Blue Hen Success Collaborative (BHSC).  Appointments are usually necessary for academic planning, major selection, study abroad, internships or service learning questions, and graduation analysis.

Step 1: To sign up for an advising appointment, please follow the instructions below:

Login to BHSC Platform –
www.bluehensuccess.udel.eduSUCCESS Login

Step 2:  From the home page, click Get Assistance.

Step 3:  Click through the Schedule Advising Appointment workflow:

  • What type of Appointment would you like to schedule?- select Advising/ Academic Assistance
  • Select if the appointment is with your assigned UDSIS academic or with another faculty/staff member- Select  Assigned Advisor
  • Select Next
  • Select the area, department or college of the person you desire to meet– select University Studies- Advisor (virtual)
  • Who would you like to meet with? – select advisor; your assigned advisor will be indicated as (Your Advisor)
  • Select Next

Step 4:  Select Appointment time

  • Appointment – If your advisor has created Appointment availability, click into blue availability blocks to select the desired appointment time; proceed through the appointment workflow including entering optional comments and confirming the appointment.

Step 5: Review appointment details and confirm. You will receive an email confirmation once you’ve successfully scheduled the appointment.

Step 6:  As with any system, remember to Logout when you’re done utilizing the BHSC platform.

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