Change of Major Policies & Procedures

UD allows students to move freely among majors and colleges.  For many majors, it is as simple as logging on to UDSIS and submitting a “Change Major, Minor, Concentration” webform.  These majors are considered “unrestricted” and may be declared at any time.

Certain majors are limited due to accreditation issues or availability of resources and space, or are already at capacity.  These majors are considered “restricted” and have certain requirements that must be filled before an applicant can declare.  Requirements may include minimum GPA, pre-requisites, paper applications, interviews, etc.  Often, restricted majors only accept applications during certain times of the year.  Many of them follow the same schedule and accept applications during the first two weeks of each semester.

To determine what is required to apply to your major of choice, click on the year you started at UD: