University Studies Goals

Through classroom interaction, individual academic advising, academic planning and collaborative programming,  University Studies strives to meet several goals that will help ensure that students have access to tools and are given the time to explore the many majors available as they plan an academic path.

  1. To provide support to UST students regarding choice of major and academic success.
    • To work with faculty and other campus units to provide information and resources to UST students, that include but are not limited to academic success, career choices and counseling and student development.
    • To provide individualized academic advisement to UST students.
    • To provide relevant academic workshops and courses.
  2. To help facilitate the transition of University Studies students to specific colleges and majors.
    • To ensure that all UST students have the necessary information regarding acceptance into specific majors.
    • To work with individual colleges and majors to ensure the placement of UST students.
  3. To support a campus-wide culture that promotes academic advisement.
    • To work with the Assistant/Associate deans to support and promote an environment that encourages faculty to be involved in academic advisement.
    • To encourage all students to seek academic advisement.