Notes Page

1. All pages-  Put the following information at the bottom of all pages. Looks like it is standard on all College webpages?

University Studies Program 150 S. College Ave.•   Newark, DE 19716   •   USA   •  302-831-4555  • E-mail (link to   •© 2012

Footer has been updated. You’ll notice the UD image is blue. Right now we have no control over that but a feature request has been created that would allow end users to switch colors of the image. No ETA on when that feature will be added. CL 12/17

  1. Can the e-mail be put in there as well? Email is under ‘Contact Us’

2. Home- Content for home page is listed on “home”  Can the word Home be deleted from the header of the text?  I think it’s defaulting since that is what I named the page?

  • Link the button “Thinking About Changing Your Major” to DONE CL 12/17
  • Change word “Events” to “Academic” next to Calendar DONE CL 12/17
  • Can we put a Facebook icon next to the Facebook on the menu?  Should we? I have to check on this. What is the link to the FB page?  The link is already there.  I just thought the icon would look better than the word.  Looks like we don’t have the ability to do this as an icon. 1/7/13 CL

  • Can the titles highlight on the drop down menus when you scroll over them? DONE 12/13/12 CL

Inner pages

Keep the button- “Thinking About Changing Your Major”, but replace the calendar with a right side bar with links on all pages.

 When you say links, do you mean all drop down pages listed under the corresponding parent page? E.g., Choosing your Major pages will have the 3 sub nav items. 

  1. Sorry, I should have explained that.  No, I have the links listed on a links page right now.  There are 10 or 12 I think that I thought we could just put in a box.  They will not change from page to page.  If there are too many to put in a box, I can cut them. DONE 12/13/12 CL

The functionality you are requesting below is not available on UD hosted WordPress sites. We are looking into implementing this feature in the future but there is no timetable on when it will be available. I did the next best thing and created anchor tags along with back to top links on all pages and items. This is the best workaround for what you are looking for. 1/7/13 CL

Workshops page- Expand bars for the individual workshop topics. DONE 12/13/12 CL

Interest Areas page-  Expand bars for the interest areas. DONE 1/7/13 CL

Academic Probation FAQs page- Expand bars for the questions. DONE 1/7/13 CL

FAQs– Expand bars for the questions. DONE 12/13/12 DONE