University of Delaware

Registration Tips

  • Be sure to check pre-requisites and co-requisites for all of your courses.
  • Some courses may be restricted to majors/minors only (class restrictions).
  • Advisors generally cannot override class restrictions or seat restrictions.
  • Add another course when registering and then attempt to add the restricted course at a later time.
  • Try every section.  Even if the time slot is not what you wanted, you should attempt to add it.  Some courses will restrict certain sections to majors only, but will open up other sections to everyone.
  • Some departments will open remaining seats up in closed classes to all students right before the start of the semester.
  • You might be able to be added into a closed or restricted course at the start of the semester by completing the Course Permit Form online in UDSIS.
  • Lab and discussion sections are generally linked to specific lectures.  The typical pattern is 020Ls paired with section 010 lectures, 030Ls paired with 011 lectures, etc.
  • Make certain you are choosing sections that meet on the main campus.   Click here for an explanation of section numbers.
  • Online sections (194, 195) have restrictions.  Discuss online options with an advisor or go to the UD Online Distance Learning page for eligibility requirements.